Girls & Mother/Child Group Home

OLV Human Services operates a Group Home Program for young girls and expectant mothers (age 12-18) and their children. The residents attend local schools or Baker Hall School, depending upon their educational needs. Residents of the program develop a treatment plan with the group home director and are expected to be actively involved in the treatment process. Family involvement is strongly encouraged. The group home director leads the treatment team and provides individual and family counseling. Additional treatment services are coordinated as needed. The mental health staff provide a structured daily routine for the youth and work with them toward developing independent daily-living skills. Integration or reintegration into the community is a major focus of the program.

The young women in this program develop a treatment plan with the group home director, and are expected to be actively involved in individual and family counseling, as well as participating in weekly parenting groups and mother-child developmental play sessions.

After Care

Following discharge from the Dorothy Miller Residence, After Care Services will be coordinated by OLV Human Services to ensure the young women, and, in some cases, their infants, have made a successful transition to the community.

Services Provided:

  • Individual, group and family counseling according to each resident's treatment needs
  • Educational support, vocational training, and employment opportunities
  • Complete medical care
  • Structured groups and informational sessions:
    • Improving relationship skills
    • Developing vocational readiness
    • Utilizing community resources
    • Resolving conflict and managing anger
    • Managing stress
    • Assertiveness training
    • Coping as a single parent
  • Hands-on instruction in:
    • Personal care and hygiene
    • Nutrition, meal planning/preparation
    • Budgeting and household management
    • Parenting techniques
    • Child growth and development

All referrals must be made through the Department of Social Services